Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a way to spend your 1 month!

Little Miss Allie is now 1 month old!! I can't believe how big she's gotten and how fast time is flying by!

She had quite the eventful 1 month!

On Friday, I decided to call the nurse at her peds office to ask about her choking/breathing issues. After explaining everything to the nurse, she thought it best that Allie be seen that night to be evaluated. That made me a little nervous, as I was under the assumption that all babies had that breathing issue from time to time - you know, where you have to blow in their faces to get them to take a breath. At least I remember all babies, that I've ever been around, doing it.

So we take her in, they examine her, and decide that she needs to go to the hospital to be evaluated over night. Deep down I knew she was just fine, and that everything was going to be OK, but it made me nervous! We went back home to pack our things and then headed up to the hospital.

We were staying in the pediatric unit, and man was that scary! It was just weird to be in that little isolated room with a crib that looked like a cage. The nurses were amazing, and it really wasn't that bad, but it was still really weird. I've only ever seen that stuff on TV. Then to see the other kids, walking the halls with their IV's in tow - it just made me thankful that we were only there as a precaution and for observation.

They had her hooked up to an apnea monitor and everything went great! It never went off the entire time we were there! So, we learned that she's not actually stopping breathing, she's just holding her breath. Well, actually, I knew that and told the Dr. that from the get-go, but she wouldn't listen. Oh well, it's better to be safe than sorry, right? I had no issue with her being there or having any of this done.

They wanted to do an upper GI on her, but that required her going without food for 6hrs and without her gas drops or Zantac for her reflux. I wasn't going to let my baby be hungry, with gas, and pain from her reflux on topin of that. She's only a month old for crying out loud!
The Dr. was fine with my decision to forgo the upper GI, but then wanted to write her an Rx for Reglan.

Now, all she said to me was, "There can be a small side effect. It just causes the muscles to stiffen a bit." Excuse me? Anything that is going to make my baby girl's "muscles stiffen" does NOT need to be in her little body! Thankfully I had my laptop there and was able to get online and do my own research on Reglan. Quite frankly, I'm appauled that they are even allowed to prescribed that shit to anyone - let alone BABIES!!! I was furious!

*Go ahead and google it or search what the women on BBC say* - I assure you you'll be just as upset as I was!

So, needless to say we didnt' get that Rx filled! It was torn up and thrown in the trash. It just proves my theory that you CANNOT trust Dr's 100%. I never have and I never will. She's my child, and they can recommend all they want, but when it comes down to it, I decided what her care will be and what medicines she will or will not be on.

Her follow up appointment went great, and even the Dr. we saw today said there was no reason for her to be on Reglan at all. She said she has prescribed it to children, but only as a last ditch effort when nothing else can control their spitting up/reflux to the point to where they aren't thriving. She said she has had a lot of kids have reactions to it.

So for now, we're doing things the way I'm comfortable with here at home. She will get her Zantac (I'm working on getting the non-alcohol brand), a bit of Mylanta when she has flair ups, and the occasional chamomile tea or gripe water. She seems to be doing great on that regimen! She's a much happier baby and doesn't seem to be in so much pain anymore! Thank God!

Today, at 5 weeks old, my little chunky monkey weighs 10lbs 10oz and is almost 23"!! She's definitely growing, and her reflux is obviously not affecting her ability to thrive! Basically, my breast milk is the shit! :)

Here's our beautiful little girl at 5 weeks!

Oh and I also bought the angelcare delux monitor for my own peace of mind at home. It was very comforting to have her hooked up to that monitor at the hospital. I slept so much better knowing that if anything happened, I would be woken up!
We had the monitor on last night and I LOVE it!!! Although, I forgot to shut it off when I took her out of her bassinet to feed her. I went downstairs and about 5 seconds later, heard this really loud alarm going off. Oops! At least I know it works though :)


  1. Yuck, all that hospital business would suck! You have a great attitude though. She is BEAUTIFUL! And huge! Eleanor is now 6 weeks and weighs just under 10 lbs and is 21 3/4" long. Oh, and we have the angelcare monitor too....I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We have both made that mistake multiple times, but we don't anymore. Also, once we put it in the crib there have been a couple of false alarms when Eleanor rolled around, but we got a bigger board to set it on and no alarms since then. I can actually sleep thanks to it!

  2. Allie is simply beautiful!! So glad all is well!