Thursday, September 24, 2009


After a lot of reading, a lot of questioning back and forth, and a lengthy discussion with Chev, we have reached a decision which we feel is best for our family.

While a part of me would be just as happy not getting her vaxed at all, I don't feel that it's necessarily for us. So, we've decided to delay her vaccines until she's older. We will then get her titers to see if she has built up any immunities on her own. Once those results come back, we will pick and choose which vaccines she will receive and how we want them spaced out.

I'm listening to my gut on this one. I've never been wrong before, and I don't want to go against it now - especially when it has something to do with my children. A girl on my birth board posted about her decision to delay after her friends baby died within hours of receiving her vaccines a few days ago. These little things keep popping up and grabbing my attention, and I think there's a reason for that. Not that I necessarily feel like Allie will die if I get her vaxed right now, but there's something telling me that something would go wrong if I do.

The next step is actually getting the pediatrician to be on board with us. If not, oh well. We find a new one! I already know of a guy that does it. He doesn't "recommend" it, but he fully supports a parents decision to do what they want for THEIR child. Friends of our don't vax or medicate AT ALL, and he's on board with their plan. I say if he can do theirs, he'll be more than happy to work with us!

You can't imagine the weight that has been lifted off of my shoulders. For a while, I was thinking I was just being paranoid. I would look at myself, Chev, and the hundreds of kids I run into every day, and think how they are absolutely fine. I would then try talking myself into atleast getting her the DTaP vax. That didn't last long. Slowly but surely, that horrible feeling would start creeping back in. That's when I knew we had to decide something! Once we came to an agreement about delaying until she's older, that horrible feeling went away and I'm much more confident about how we're going to do things.

Who knows...maybe these feelings are Cameron watching out for his little sister, and making sure nothing bad ever happens to her. :)

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