Sunday, March 21, 2010

She's crawling! ....well, sort of! :)

It seems like Allie has done so much within the last week! Not sure where all of it is coming from all of a sudden, but I'm loving it! It's just amazing to watch her learn and do new stuff every day!

She tried her first meat yesterday! Chicken! She loved it! I cubed up some chicken breast, along with an apple and a sweet potato. I threw them in a pot of water and boiled them, and then pureed them together! It was definitely different at first, but after the first couple of bites, she couldn't get enough! I didnt plan on starting meats yet, but I felt like her "menu" was getting bit repetitive. She's still breastfeeding around 5-7 times a day. Normally about 6 though. She gets solids in the morning and at dinner time, and once in awhile, she'll be hungry enoug for solids at lunch, but not all of the time. I really do love breastfeeding, but there is a part of me that is completely anxious to get my life back! It's going to be so weird not having to worry about it all when I want to go out or plan around it when we want to go somewhere.

She has mastered her pincer grasp! It's SOOO cute! I had some cheerios on the table and instead of grabbing at them opened fist, she used her thumb and first finger, and ever so carefully grabbed them. She was concentrating so hard, lol!

She is "talking" more now. She says "baba", "mama", "dada", and some other things that i don't understand, lol. Sound like "vra vra" and "bllllaaahhhh". LOL. She has also started letting us know when we piss her off...ha! If she has something, and we take it from her, she gets this disgruntled look on her face, and will then proceed to scream at us. Basically, she's developing a nice little attitude :P

As far as her mobility goes, this girl gets around! Half of the time, I have no idea how she does it. I'll put her on the blanket in the living room, go to another room to do something, and when I come back, she's half way across the room, lol. She's on her belly when I find her, so I imagine she is pulling/scooting/rolling around.

She got up on her knees today!! She stayed there, rocking for a good 30sec. and then.....she crawled backwards. Backwards!!!! HAHA!! It was so funny! She was trying to shard to get to me, but couldn't figure out why she was going the wrong way. So, after about 2min. she gave up, and fell to her tummy. She's getting there though!

She's also aquired the skill of putting things in and taking things out of a container. She has been pulling them out of things or awhile now, but about a week ago was when she started putting them back in. She'll drop one of her monkeys in the monkey barrel, and then look in the barrel to see what she has done. She gets all sorts of excited over it! She's so proud of herself!

She's clapping!! Well, it's sort of! She's just gotta get the hang of opening her hands completely. I've been showing her how to do it for the past month now, so when she finally started doing it a few days ago, I was so proud! So funny how the littlest things make you so happy when you're a parent!

She hasn't been weighed since her 6(7)month appointment, but I'm guessing she's probably close to 19lbs now! I'll weigh her tomorrow and see what we get! She's in 9 or 9-12month clothing now. There are a few things that are 12m that fit her! Just depends where they're from! I pulled down a tub full of clothes that we had gotten before I had her. They were all bigger sizes, so I put them away. I completely forgot how much stuff we had in there that would fit her now! It was like she got a whole new wardrobe in 10 seconds! As a woman, I can tell you that something like that is absolutely awesome! :)

I still cannot believe that 4 months, we're going to be celebrating her 1st birthday! It's insane!! I can't wait to go pick out her birthday dress and to get everything together!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yay for Spring, healthy babies and teeth!

I can't believe Spring is almost here!! I am so excited! Well, aside from the nasty wetness that ensues here in Michigan, I am. We almost hit 70 today which is nothing short of amazing!! This Winter wasn't bad at all. As a matter of fact, I hardly remember it! It went by so fast, and we really didn't have that much snow. Last year was awful! So much snow and sooooo cold out! I remember going out to start my car one morning, when it was -20 out, and my car was frozen INSIDE!

Anyhow, I'm just glad we have warm weather to look forward to! Plus, it means lots of photography for me!

Aiden and Allie are doing wonderful! Aiden came down with a little bug the other day, but he's recovery very nicely. Nothing a mother's touch, popsicles, and a lot of Vitamin C couldn't take care of! Allie has managed to dodge all of it which is awesome! I'm so thankful for healthy kiddos!

She isn't crawling yet, but she's getting around in her own little way. She semi-army crawls, or will turn in circle on her belly to get something she wants. It's so cute! If I put her up on her hands and knees she rocks back and forth, but doesn't quite get that she can go if she really wanted to. She got her first tooth about 2 weeks ago! I can't believe how big she's getting! We'll be celebrating her first birthday in 4.5 months!! It's so crazy to me! I feel like I just brought her home from the hospital a couple of weeks ago!

Just thought I'd throw in a quick update! I have to go get Aiden from school and figure out what in the world I'm making for dinner. We're really striving, as a family, to eat all whole, organic foods! We're contemplating doing a garden this year, but we'll see! It just feels good to get away from all of the crap that's out there and know that I'm putting the best food that I can into our bodies!

Here are a few pictures I took about a week ago! The first decent one of Aiden and Allie since she was born! And the other two are of my mom and Allie.