Monday, October 19, 2009

What happened to Fall?!

I can't believe Allie is going on 3 months old!! It's crazy, but I love it!

She's just growing up so fast! She can pretty much roll over on her own now. Sometimes, she still needs a bit of help from getting stuck on her side, lol. She's cooing, laughing and babbling so much now, and her newest trick is the ever-so-lovely raspberries! It's so messy, but so adorable!

We finally got both her and Aiden's Halloween costumes, and I cannot wait to get them all dressed up. We chose a little flower costume from Children's Place for Allie, and Aiden wanted to be a vampire this year. I just hope it's not too cold! Our October this year has been awful! The past few days have actually been beautiful, but the first couple of weeks were nothing but rain, super cold air, and gray, cruddy days!

I'm so not ready for Winter to be here! We're already trying not to take Allie out too much which the H1N1 crap floating around. The schools in our little town haven't closed yet, but a lot in the surrounding areas have. They haven't confirmed any cases of H1N1, but a lot of kids were getting sick, and they don't want to take any chances. One of the elementary schools here were sending out permission slips to get the vaccine there at school for their kids. The women I've spoken with aren't getting their children the vaccine. We have yet to receive such a letter from Aiden's school, but no matter. We won't be getting it.

I understand that we're more susceptible to being laid up for a bit, since we really don't have much of an immunity towards the virus, but you know...I really give our bodies more credit than others want to. We're amazing creature with amazing immune systems. I fully intend on handling things the way nature intended. I know it's scary, but I also don't think that it's something our bodies can't handle.

Ok enough about that! I'm soooo tired of hearing "H1N1" coming out of people's mouths no matter where I go! You would think the plague was going around, LOL

Anywho, we're all doing fantastic! That was my main point to this post, lol. I need to head to bed though! Allie fell asleep about 2hrs ago, and should sleep until about 5am. I'm beat, and I've gotta work in the morning, so I need to go get some rest!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 week pic

Miss Allie and I!

Big brother Aiden took this pic! He loves my camera and is obsessed with going out with me when I take photos!

We started Allie on probiotics today, and I'm hoping to see an improvement with her tummy issues! Stuff is expensive though! It was $22 at the health food store (which I am now in love with btw!!), but if it helps, it'll be worth it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

2.5 months!

Allie had her 2 month appointment, and boy is she growing!!

Our "little" princess is now 13lb and 23". The pediatrician said my milk is definitely doing her good, lol!

She's doing great and is right on track where she should be with everything! She finally mastered rolling over a couple of days ago. Well...I shouldn't say mastered, because there are still quite a few times that she gets stuck on her side. It's so cute, lol!

The Dr. we saw this time around was pretty good about the whole delayed vaccine thing. She wasn't thrilled about it, but she let me know that she would support us and try to be as accommodating as possible. I thanked her for that, and told her that if, for whatever reason, we change our minds, we will let her know.

She's sleeping better at night now, too. She typically goes to bed around 9:30-10:00 and then wakes up about 5:00 to eat. Goes back to sleep around 6:00-6:30, get up around 8:00 to eat again, and then takes a long morning nap until around 11:30. After that, she's pretty much up the rest of the day. She'll take a couple short naps in the late afternoon, but that's about it.

She's laughing, and "talking", and smiling at us all of the time. I absolutely love it! She makes THEE most adorable noises I have ever heard in my entire life. LOL...seriously, when she does it, I just want to squeeze the crap out of her! She's also found her hands which is hilarious. She will lift them in front of her face, and her eyes get all big. Then, you can tell she's trying with everything to get them to her mouth. I'd imagine it's sort of like when a part of your body is numb (think your legs after an epidural), and you can't really feel the control you have, but you know it's there, so you're trying your damndest anyhow. That's what it looks like anyway, lol

So all is well over here! I don't have any 10wk pictures at the moment, but will have some 11wk ones up next week!