Monday, August 24, 2009

My poor baby :(

Allie will be a month old this week! I cannot believe it! It honestly feels like she was just born a few days ago! Before I know it, she's going to be 6 months! Ahhh!!

The mystery of her tummy troubles is deepening. At first I thought gas, but after trying ever trick in the book and her not getting that much better, I started wondering about my diet. So, for the past week I have tried my hardest to call ALL dairy and dairy ingredients out of my diet. She seems to be a little more comfortable since I did that, but she's still in some sort of pain.

Tonight it hit me. Acid reflux. UGH!

Aiden had it, but he had it worse. He was projectile vomiting green stuff allll of the time. Allie does spit up quite a bit, but it's only been projectile a hand full of times. On top of spitting up, she whimpers randomly while eating, wiggles and arches her back before bursting out in random cries during and (mostly) after eating. I noticed tonight too, that by the end of the feeding she is clenching her fists.
Now, at first, I thought it was the cutest thing. She'd clench them and then bring them up to her chin or hold them down by her side. It was cute until I found out it can be a sign of reflux.

My poor little girl is in pain!! :(

I hate that it took me 4wks to think of this! That just means that the poor darling has been in pain after eating for 3 weeks!

I'm setting up a Dr. appointment tomorrow to have her looked at. I'm hoping they don't do an upper GI on her! Aiden had that done and the barium drink made him SO constipated. I remember him pooping out a white brick-like substance, and his little bottom was bleeding from straining so hard. I don't want to put her through that, but I'm not sure if there is any other way for them to test for reflux. It's not fool proof, I do know that! Because, they could just not be refluxing at the time. That's what happened with Aiden. They did the test, but it showed no reflux.
However, the ped was confident enough that he had it to order in a prescription of Zantac. Man, was that stuff awful! Blech! But it worked, and if I have to do it for Allie too, I will.

I just want her to feel better!! It kills me to think that she's so uncomfortable!


  1. Poor baby! :( I hope everything goes well and that you get to the bottom of this soon. I watched Eleanor getting a shot for the first time today and it was's so hard to see your child suffer, isn't it??

  2. Awww Poor Allie!!

    I really hope you are able to find out what's bothering her.