Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting out!

Yesterday was tough, but today seems to be a little better. Probably because I actually let myself cry yesterday. I've been so stressed with Chev gone, Allie's tummy issues, trying to keep this house in order, and trying to control an unruly 4.5yr old, I just couldn't hold it in anymore.

I don't necessarily believe I'm developing ppd - I think it's just the normal baby blues that most women get after giving birth. I mean, our hormones were out of whack to begin with, and now they're just trying to straighten themselves out again. It's slightly expected. I will keep an eye on it though, and won't hesitate to call my Dr. if I think there's a serious problem!

It's not really that I even feel depressed, just alone. It's weird.

My gf came over yesterday and that helped. Just to have that adult interaction helped tons! My mom is coming over today to sit with the kids for a few so Heather and I can go to lunch. I'm very much looking forward to it, but at the same time, I'm nervous. Allie never leaves my side, and I'm going to be leaving for about 2hrs! I trust my mom 110% with her, no questions asked, but it's still hard.

I'm going to feed her before we leave, so hopefully that will hold her over until I get back. If not, my mom is going to try introducing a bottle to her today. I figure it might work better for her to do it, because I've read that babies are more apt to take a bottle from someone other than their mother. Hopefully it goes well, because I think that would be a huge weigh lifted off of my shoulders!

And for Beth - Allie eats about every 2hrs, but it's only about 10-15 minutes on one side. Then I switch to the other the next time she eats. It's not bad at all. She isn't attached to my boob 24/7, but it's just that when I'm not cleaning or something, she's on there.

So basically, I feel like that's all I do every day. It's the routine that I hate!! I've never been a fan of routine, and it really gets me down when it's happening day after day. I know it will get better as she gets a little older, and we're able to take her more places.

PS -Beth had asked that question in her comment to my last post. LOL...that's where that came from


  1. Hollie-why are you calling her Beth? lol...maybe I'm confused... :) Have fun today!

  2. Hollie, I am from bbc and have been following both of your blogs. Our oldest boys are the same age. I am so happy that little Allie arrived safely and that you're all doing well. Hang in gets easier managing 2 every day :) Take plenty of time for yourself (easier said than done, I know :P) and just enjoy every minute :D