Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Nothing new to report really. We've have a couple false alarms, but nothing too serious to where I thought I needed to go to the hospital.

I've had two episodes of contractions - coming around ever 4-5min, and lasting an average of 1min 10sec. Both times, this went on for about 4hrs! It's so frustrating to have that happen and then just have them disappear!

Had my appointment today, and nothing new. I'm negative for group B, which is great! Still measuring right on, and little Allie is still head down! She's been that way since 28wks, and I hope she continues to stay put! My OB said he would check me next week, which made me happy. I was sort of hoping he'd do it today, but no such luck!

We ended up changing Allie's name. Instead of Brielle for a middle name, we've chosen McKenna. I LOVE Brielle, don't get me wrong, but she needed a little something more since her first name is so short. Not to mention we have a 1-syllable last name, so that didn't make it any better. I think Brielle is beautiful, but I think McKenna flows better with Allie. Plus, when written, there were just too many "I"'s and "E"'s and "L"'s. It bugged me.

She'll laugh one day when she opens her baby book to see Allie, with Brielle crossed out. That, or when she sees her baby shower invites with "Allie Brielle" on there. :P

Ah well, it happens!

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  1. McKenna....LOVE IT! Better now than after she is born!! So glad to read things are going so well!!! Can't wait to see pictures!