Friday, July 3, 2009

34-35 weeks

Had my 34wk appointment. Nothing too exciting, as expected, but that's OK! I enjoy going!

Allie is still head down (has been since about 28wks), and the midwife who felt her said she didn't feel like a big baby at all, so there was no reason for me to be concerned.

I haven't gained any weight in a month, but I figure that's OK because of all of that weigh I supposedly gained that one month. They didn't say anything, so again I'm not concerned! I just think it will be funny if I end up weighing the same with her as I did when I delivered Aiden! I'm about 5lbs away from that, so it should be really close!

We pretty much have her nursery finished. Well, all but the closet! Still waiting for Chev to get that sanded and then I can paint and put up the necessary mounts to hang her stuff! I just wish he'd get going on it! It seems like if it doesn't have anything to do with MMA fighting or the gym, he's not too interested in getting it done. Men!

I'm getting super uncomfortable too. I'm getting that "bowling ball between the legs" feeling, and it's not fun! I'm reentering that tired stage again too! I'm just ready! I want to meet my little girl already!

Here's a pic of the one side of her room with the bed all put together

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