Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Had another weekly appointment today, which included the oh-so-fun groub B testing! I suppose I can't complain though - it's quick, easy, and painless!

I didn't get to see my OB, AGAIN! Apparently they overbooked him, AGAIN. I just don't understand how they keep doing that, and how I keep getting screwed out of seeing him. I make my appointments WELL in advance, so there's not reason that I should be one of the ones who is forced to see another OB. I'm not terribly upset by it, since I know all of the Dr's there. The one I saw today was actually the same Dr. who delivered Aiden. Real nice guy!

He said by the looks of things, and the fact that Aiden was 3wks early, that he's willing to bet I've got about 2wks to go. It was nice to hear, but I'm not putting too much stock into it. Because the minute I do, my little butt will end up going past my due date! lol

Other than that, everything seems to be fine. She's still head down and I'm still measuring right on! I do have to have my blood drawn again to check up on the anemia, but that's no biggie! I figure I'll just pop in there tomorrow and have them do it! Hopefully it's gone up since I've been taking my iron pills. I don't remember to take them every day, but I do get a few down a week :)

We're gettin' there!

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