Sunday, July 4, 2010

This month better go by slowwww

First off, here are a couple pics of my big girl! Aiden took this first on of her as we were leaving my parent's house.

I took some photos of Ellie last week, and was able to snap this one real quick of the two of them. Allie kept trying to poke Ellie in the butt cheek, lol (you can see her getting her finger ready in the pic). I just think it's kind of special to have a picture of our two girls - our rainbow babies - together!

My little girl is 11 months old now! I cannot believe I'm going to be throwing her a birthday party in less than a month! This last year has flown by!

She's growing like a weed and is doing something new every day!

She got two new teeth on the top, and it looks as if another will be coming in next to them shortly. If that one does come in, she'll have 5 teeth total! She's getting better and better at walking, but still prefers to crawl most of the time.

This girl is in to EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING! But, it keeps her content and happy, so who am I to discourage her? lol. It's bad! Sometimes when I'm cooking dinner, I will let her sit there with the fridge door open, playing in there, pulling stuff out, putting stuff back, etc. just so I can get stuff done, lol.

She's such a mommy's girl and I love it - well, 95% of the time anyway. Most of the time, she's happy playing, but it's like the minute she sees me, a switch goes off in her head saying, "Start crying. Crawl to mom. Make her pick me up." And I always give in.

The funniest thing she does is when she gets caught getting into something she knows she's not supposed to be in to. I'll walk in and say, "Allie! What are you doing little missy?". And she'll get all wide-eyes, hold up whatever it is that she has, and make this cute little noise - almost like she's saying, "Here mommy, you play too!". I can't help but smile every time!

Her and Aiden are little hellians around here! They both know just what to do to push the other one's buttons. Obviously, Allie isn't doing it on purpose, but I think she just likes the reaction she gets. Aiden just does it to hear her scream. I just about go nuts on a weekly basis, lol.

We bought her, her new big girl carseat a few weeks ago!! I'm so glad we did! She looks so much more comfortable in it, and doesn't cry nearly as much as she did in her infant seat. We got the Graco Myride65. The pink and brown one. We're doing extended rear facing. I didn't know anything about it before really, and kind of blew it off when I read about other women doing it. Then I read a pretty lengthy (and somewhat heated) discussion about it on my BBC, and it completely changed my mind about the whole idea!

We took her and Aiden to the Toledo zoo yesterday! They both loved it!! Allie went nuts over the aquarium! She was trying to grab the fish through the tank walls. It was so cute to watch her! We all had a great time!


  1. She is so beautiful!! Isn't it crazy how fast they're growing up? Allie sounds a LOT like Eleanor, especially the part about her seeing you, crawling to you, and demanding that you pick her up. Eleanor does the exact same thing!

    Oh yeah, and we're doing ERF now too thanks to BBC.

    Happy birthday month to our rainbow babies!

  2. Ha! It's hilarious but there was just a big brawl on our bb about ERF this week! One lady on our bb is already forward facing her daughter and she's only 7 months old! Needless to say, she was ripped to shreds! We'll be ERF, too...

    Allie has got the most beautiful eyes!

  3. That's insane!! Why would anyone even do that?

    I didn't know a thing about ERF until this year(sorry Aiden!!), but even before then, there's no way I would have turned my kid around at 7 months! UGH! Maybe she learned something from that thread!