Monday, July 26, 2010

Not slow enough!!

So much for my hoping of a slow month! Allie's 1stbirthday is Wednesday and Cameron's 2nd birthday/angelversary is a week from tomorrow. I just can't believe it!!

It's hard planning for both days and only having one of them here. But, it's something I need to get used to.

The party planning is going great so far! My big fret was the birthday cake. In all of my organic/natural -loving glory, I just couldn't bring myself to buy her a cake from the store. Or even make one for her for that matter. I know, I know, it's her birthday and one time isn't going to hurt her, but when you know what's in those things, and you know specifically what they do and how they shouldn't be in our diets (thanks to my older bro, who's about as big of a health nut as I am, for letting me in on that stuff. I'm being somewhat sarcastic here, lol. Life was just a little bit easier when I didn't know those things!), it's HARD, LOL!!! The hubby was making fun of me, but I was bound and determined to find a way to do this.

How how easy it was!!! I never thought that our regular grocery store would have natural cake and frosting mix. Holla! (that's a signature Hollie thing...don't ask, lol)

I was a little leery about it, but O.M.G. is it tasty!! However, I'm just not so sure I'm crafty enough to make cakes, with fondant, to feed 50+ people!! Sooo, a friend of mine came to the rescue! She's opening her own bakery and offered to do both cakes (which will look like two big flip-flops...we're doing a baby luau) and Allie's smash cake for $60!!! So excited!!

I've got most of the decorations bought, just have to order a few more things from my most favorite place - Oriental Trading!! I found so much stuff for super low prices!!

Now I just have to figure out what Hawaiian type foods we're going to do!

As for Cameron's little get together, we're doing the traditional balloon release with friends and family, and Aiden and Allie will make cupcakes! I love that they get to do something themselves! My mother in law said she's going to get a blueberry bush for us to plant in his garden (that still needs to be done). I've wanted some type of fruitful/flowering plant or tree since we lost him. I thought it would be a special way to sort of "take care of him"...

Such a busy busy time of the month! I hope everything goes super smooth!

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