Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's December already?!

I'm not even going to try and fill everyone in on what has been going on in that last 5 months, lol. I'll try and do a short recap though.

Everything is great!! Allie is amazing and Aiden is as awesome as ever!

Aiden is ahead of the class in Kindergarten, and his teacher is absolutely amazing! I really really like her and couldn't speak more highly of her. She told us that she's going to sit with Aiden while the other students work, and go over more advanced things with him. A lot of teacher's wouldn't take the time to do that, and it just makes me happy to hear how much she cares about her students!

He's doing great with Allie - even though she's at that stage where everything is HERS and if he tries to tell her otherwise, he gets a slap, pinch, or bite from Ms. Attitude. We're working on it though, and I couldn't ask him to tolerate it better than he does. He's being very patient with her like I talked to him about, which is awesome!

Allie is getting bigger and bigger and I love it!! I love chasing her around and playing with her! She's such a delight! She's finally putting herself to sleep now! She just needs her little seahorse and a cup of warm water to cuddle with. Yes, she cuddles with her cup, lmao. Crazy kid!
 She's saying new things all of the time, but it takes me a few times to realize what she's saying. It's so cute!
She understands everything though! I can ask/tell her anything, and she'll do it. My favorite is when she'll take her empty bowl to the kitchen and put it in the sink w/out me asking her. Or watching her run the DVD player. It's just absolutely hilarious to watch a little person doing those thing! She loves matching her shoes up and won't put on a pair unless she has the match to it. She's a shoe princess and she loves getting new clothes! This is very bad for me, LOL.

But, even with her princess side, comes some crazy wildness! This girl is a monkey! She's climbs on EVERYTHING! Up chairs, on tables, the entertainment center, the DVD cabinet (it's built into the wall, so no worries:) ), drawers in the kitchen, etc. The best is when she's trying to get into the utensil drawer. She'll pull it open part way, let it catch on the fridge door handle, and then pull herself up with her arms, while putting one foot on the cabinet below and the other on the fridge. I walked into her doing that one day and about died, lol.

So yes, things are fabulous, funny, and happy here at home! :)

On the flip-side, I would like to ask those of you out there to say a quick prayer for my baby cousin. He was just diagnosed with Leukemia a few weeks ago. He's not even 2 yet. He's go A LOT of people pulling and praying for him, but more prayers will never hurt!

 Allie at 15 months

and of course, it is still difficult as ever to get Aiden to let me take his picture. He's kind of coming around though, so keeping fingers crossed that I can start adding lots and lots of pictures of his crazy little self! :)

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