Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just had my 28wk appointment yesterday, and it was my last 4wk appointment. It's every 2wks from here on out! I can't believe how fast this is going! I just want her and sound in my arms!

It was just a typical, regular check-up, and everything looked good. My iron is still low - lower than it was in the beginning - but still on the "low end of normal", as she said. So, I'll be popping some iron pills for biggie!

That last pictures I got of Allie were at 23wks, and even though that was 5wks ago, I'll still share!! :)

At first glance, it looks as if she's sucking her thumb, while holding it in her mouth with her other hand. But I remember the tech. saying that she was sucking on her arm! LOL...silly girl!

We kept trying to catch her smiling, but everytime the tech. would take the picture, it was just a second or two late. Oh well, still adorable!

Oh, and here's me at 25wks.

I don't remember the exact weight they gave, but it was 1lb and some odd ounces at that point! I'm curious as to how big she is now and what she looks like! I could already tell at 23wks that she had the same chubby cheeks that her brothers had! They get it from their daddy...although his really aren't all that chubby anymore. Oh well, it's cuter on babies anyhow ;)

**Thanks Beth! Such a simple fix :) **


  1. She is so cute!

    I also started a new blog for our new baby~ I was kinda feeling guilty about writing about pregnancy on Lily's blog, too.

  2. Both you and Allie look great!

    To change the font colors, go to "customize", then "layout", and then "fonts and colors". I'm not sure if that will totally help though. You may also need to change your template. Go to "layout" then "pick new template." I think you have to use Minima to use all of these backgrounds.

  3. I came to your blog through someone else but I just wanted to comment and say hi. I have followed cameron's blog for a little while now. I am so sorry that you have to endure a loss like that. I love the new blog too. It's great to see another side as well. I too am due very soon with our third baby (or fourth) having lost our very first in a traumatic tubal rupture and near death for me at 8 weeks along. Stop by anytime to see my blog. I love the support women give each other. Take care!

  4. OK! I just saw your new blog, so I read it all at once! You look AWESOME! Don't you even think twice about gaining too much! You are such a beautiful preggie momma!!!