Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ok, Ok...

First off, we finally had Allie's 6 month appointment today! Everything is great! She now weighs 17lbs, 6oz and is 26.5"! I was getting concerned that she wasn't trying to crawl, but quickly realized today that she is 100% where she should be! I guess just reading and seeing all of these babies, who are the same age, and crawling, had me a little worried. I hate even saying worried, because I know all babies do things on their own time. I guess I wasn't really worried....just curious is all! :)

She can actually hold herself on her hands and knees for about 5-6 seconds now! I have to put her that way, but still. I did it today, and she started rocking a little bit! I was just curious to see what she would do! I'll let her figure it out on her own, because while I can't wait for the crawling, walking, talking, etc. I want to enjoy her being my baby! She's my last!! :(

I let her play in some Avocado yesterday evening, and boy was that a treat!! She got it ALL over, and I was laughing so hard! I don't know why in the world I didn't get pictures, but I definitely will next time. At least I know she loves them those! She had it all over herself, and would stop what she was doing, ever so often, and lick her fingers.

Aiden has figured out how to carry her around now. I still watch him very close, but he's so excited that he can do it! He is such a good big brother!!

Ok. SOOOO....about Heather...

Steph, you cannot say anything!!!! LOL

Buuuuuut, your instincts are ...


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  1. I KNEW IT!!! She is going to be SOOOO excited!! I wont tell a soul! Not even Cady...not that she would even know what I was talking about anyways! Lol But I wont just in case we see Heather and she blurts something out in her 2 year old grace! Her little girl and Allie are going to be so cute together! Cute little friends! Lol