Sunday, December 13, 2009


Man, I'm really behind this year!! We JUST put our tree up about 3 days ago, and I have yet to buy a single gift, LOL. I'm the biggest procrastinator I know! I just haven't had the time to get away and do any shopping. This is how it is every year though, and I'll be out just a few days before Christmas, doing all of my shopping! You think I'd learn!

I also wanted to do Christmas cards this year, with the kids on there, but never was able to get around to taking any pictures of the two of them. For one, it's hard to get them together, how I want them, when Allie still needs a bit of help sitting up. By time I get back to my camera, she's about falling over! And Aiden is a typical 5yr old boy - he doesn't want any "cheesy" pictures taken of him. Sheesh!

I was able to get a few pics of Allie though. Here she is at 4.5mo

She is now on some solids, and it's working great for us! She's a big eater and I just couldn't keep up with her! I would be stuck in the house every day, on the couch, feeding her! She did great with the cereal and breastmilk! We then introduced sweet potatoes, which she loves, and the newest that we have started is bananas. She gets them for breakfast. I just mash up 1/4 banana and mix in some of her oatmeal, and we're good to go! We're making our own baby food this time around! It's easy, fun, and so much cheaper!!

She's getting better at sitting up, but obviously still needs some help! She's also found her voice! She started babbling a long time ago, but she has now learned the art of screaming, and practices perfecting it all day long. It's hilarious!! She absolutely loves Ai8den too! She just lights up at whatever it is that he's doing. He's just as smitten with her as well!

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  1. I LOVE Allie's big blue eyes. She has gotten so big. Thanks for sharing her.